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First Subject

I've decided that I've waited long enough to post the first subject. I'll just wait until I get a good amount of submissions until I post them out for voting.

The first subject of the oishii_icons contest is *drum roll*

love hurts!

Simple.. but hey, I'm sure you guys can think of some good icons for it. ;) You creative little minds, you.

Remember that when submitting your icon, you are to do the following:

Comment anonymously with your user name and icon, like so:

Thankies everybody and happy icon making! :D
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the comment anonymously isnt gonna work...already tried..said something about screening...i dont see why we cant just make a post saying "hey these are my icons"
I don't want you to be able to post publicly.. I want the creator of the icon to be hidden until the winners are announced.. I want it to be screened. that's the point. So next time when it says something about it being screened just let it go and leave it that way cuz that's what it's s'pose to do. ^-^
It appears that no one gives a shit.