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Oishii_Icons is under new and improved managment!

The way this community works is now changed. Instead of freely making icons, there will be order to this community.

I've been looking at other icon communities and the way they run, and I love them. I've decided that Oishii_icons will now be run the same way.

Every week, there will be a new subject for icons. I will post the subject, and you all shall make the icons according to the subject, got it?

I will then post the icons in a seperate post on the weekend for everyone to vote on. Then I will post the winners and the new subject.

What's a contest without..
1)A little banner for your user info, blog, site or wherever you post your awards. :D

2)The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will have their icons as the community's icons. :D

Also, contests can't be complete without a few..
1)Only one icon per subject
2)The icon you submit must be of your own creation
(Ex: Telling others to vote for your icon or voteing for yours)

I'm not sure how long this'll work, because I'm not able to get online very much, but I'll try as hard as I can to keep up this community that I feel so bad about letting fade.

I hope everyone likes the new start, and have fun making icons! ^-^!!

*rules updated by v 1/28/04

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